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About Rachel

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Rachel Achatz, MA LPC NCC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Charis Counseling Services of Northeast Michigan

I want to welcome you to Charis Counseling! If you are reading this, there is a strong possibility that you or someone you are close to is struggling emotionally, have experienced traumatic events or relationships, or are engaging in behavior that is negatively impacting relationships, work, school, or all areas of life.  I want you to know that you are not alone! 

Lived Experience

As most people in the helping professions, there was a personal reason I chose to pursue a career in mental health counseling. After struggling with some difficult personal experiences, I made the courageous decision to seek mental health treatment with a therapist. I know the struggle and hard work it takes to recover! Don't give up though, with hard work and dedication you can make the changes necessary to experience an improved quality of life. This may include changing how you view yourself, how you navigate interpersonal relationships, or change behaviors that are interfering with your health and well-being. 

Professional Experience

I have worked in the helping professions since 2004 when I completed my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Family Life Education from Spring Arbor University. In 2011, I completed my Master of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling through Liberty University and obtained my license in professional counseling in 2012. I have worked in the field of child welfare as a caseworker, helped struggling families as a home-based therapist, and worked as an outpatient therapist for a local organization. From 2015 until earlier this year, I managed a group private practice providing outpatient clinical mental health counseling to children, adolescents and adults on an individual, couple, or family basis. Due to my desire to have availability to provide mental health treatment to more couples and families, I made the decision to return to an individual private practice in April of 2022.

Christian Worldview

Underpinning all of the above is a worldview that all humans are made in the image of God. That we were designed to reflect His image through the unique qualities He gives each one of us. That we don't have to measure up or compare ourselves to anyone else. We are worthy because He says we are worthy. 

I am passionate about facilitating growth in people and helping them experience the hope, peace, and joy that God desires for each one of us.   I believe that we are all searching for something to satisfy a deep longing to fill the emptiness inside.  We can try to fill it relationships, alcohol, drugs, sex, self-fulfillment, ect.,  but ultimately the only thing that will satisfy the deepest longings of the soul are a relationship with God. Augustine prayed, "You have made us for yourself, 0 Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you."

Rachel utilizes this worldview as a foundation to provide caring, compassionate, and competent mental health treatment. However,  she respects the dignity and worth of all people, and their right to privacy, their right to their own beliefs, and their right to make their own decisions.  She offers services to all people regardless of age, color, culture, disability, ethnicity, national origin, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, or socioeconomic status.

  In closing, I see great potential in all my clients and my goal is to help people see themselves as God sees them - humans who He loves unconditionally despite our shortcomings.  He wants us to the unique calling He has for everyone of us.  This is what creates a life full of joy, peace and purpose.

Current Counseling Practice Focus

 At this time, my primary areas of clinical focus are treating couples and families utilizing an Emotion Focused Therapy approach.  You can learn more about the approach HERE.  Additionally, I have  a passion for providing parenting education and co-parenting counseling services.  Learning to co-parent in a healthy manner can have an incredibly positive impact on both the child(ren)'s and co-parent's emotional well-being.  Please click HERE to learn more about co-parenting counseling as well as the services I provide.

I've truly enjoyed working with children, teens, and their families who struggle with behavioral difficulties, mood disorders, ADHD, and anxiety disorders over the past 16 years.  At this time, I do not see children on an individual basis. However, I enjoy assisting parents with supporting their children who may have some difficulties functioning within the home, school, and/or community settings.  I use my  experience with Parent Management Training - Oregon model to assist parents of children and adolescents who may be displaying defiant, oppositional, and aggressive behavior along with emotion regulation issues.

When I have the availability, I consider it a privilege to assist teens and adults on an individual basis who may be experiencing mood and anxiety disorders, relationship issues, life transitions, and childhood trauma.  I'm  particularly fond of utilizing my previous training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy to assist clients on their journey.

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