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Our Current and/or Upcoming Groups

As a way to meet the needs of more individuals in our community, we are offering some therapy groups!

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Parent Management Training Group - Starts September 16th!

We've all been there.  At our wits end.  Struggling with this whole parenting thing. Parenting is hard work! There are no perfect parents and we are all doing the best we can in the moment that we are in.  Sometimes it's overwhelming, exhausting, and discouraging.  Sometimes we feel alone as our child(ren) push us to our limits.  You my friend our not alone.  Come join us as we learn to stop the power struggles, manage the conflict, and feel a more positive connection to our child(ren).  We all learn best when we feel supported!

Parent Management Training is a skills training group designed for parents of children who are struggling with oppositional and defiant behaviors, impulse control issues, poor social skills, and emotional instability.

The group meets weekly for 90 minutes and is usually 10-12 session long.

Below are some of the topics addressed:

• Strengths & Goals 

• Encouraging Cooperation

• Encouraging Positive Behavior

• Recognizing Emotions

• Regulating Emotions

• Setting Limits & Discipline

• Balancing Encouragement & Discipline • Negotiating Compromise

• Communicating with Children

• Promoting School Success

• Problem Solving & Family Meetings

• Monitoring Your Child's Activities

30 years of research demonstrates that Parent Management Training has been shown to decrease children's noncompliance, depression,

deviant peer association, and internalizing behavior such as lying and

deception. It has been shown to increase a child's academic performance and social skills. Parents report a more positive and peaceful relationship with their child, increased confidence in their

parenting abilities, and improved marital relationships.

Here is what needs to happen to get started…

A. Talk with your child's therapist (if they have one) to see if this group might be helpful for your family.

B. Call the office and/or click the button below to apply to the group. A packet will be emailed to you with further information.

C. Fill out paperwork and return to the office by September 6, 2019

D. Get ready for a supportive, interactive, and fun time learning how to help your child who is struggling.

Session Dates:

September: 16th, 23rd, 30th

October: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

November: 4th, 11th, and 18th

*All groups run from 5:30pm-7pm.

What about the cost?

The cost of the 10 sessions is $400 per parent, or $660 per family. There is a $50 discount if paid in advance. *Some  insurance companies cover the cost of this group. Please call the office for further information at (989) 340-1466 ext 0 or click button to apply!

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